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Managing Risk in Projects

e-Learning course

Risk management is a key tool for all project managers in the built environment to avoid delays and other costs to clients and contractors alike. This interactive e-Learning course is an ideal introduction to the theory and practice of project risk management.

Risk is a key feature of every construction project. Not accounting for risks in your projects can lead to delays to clients, unexpected costs or much worse. Knowing how to manage and control risks effectively is a vital skill for all professionals - this includes everything from being able to foresee and identify risks, to understanding how to quantify and respond to them.

With its interactive exercises and example scenarios, this course will provide you with the core knowledge and some best practice techniques for Risk Management in project environments.

Who is this course for?

Suitable for all professionals looking to enhance their knowledge of techniques used within Risk Management.

Learning outcomes

  • Define the concepts of risk in projects
  • Distinguish the different stages of risk management
  • Outline approaches to the problems of identifying, quantifying and managing risks
  • Express and demonstrate common techniques for risk analysis and management

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