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Communication Skills Bundle

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Having effective communication skills is critical for any professional. These skills allow you to build and maintain effective relationships with your customers and internal stakeholders.

These skills allow you to build and maintain effective relationships with your customers as well as reduce the risk of disputes arising. Using effective communications skills is also extremely important at work with your colleagues and teams; having and using these skills underpin all successful managers and leaders as you can communicate with clarity your visions, strategy and other important messages.

This Bundle Includes

Access to 8 essential eLearning courses that will develop specific aspects of your communication skills:

  • Improving communication by adapting to others
  • The keys to communicating by telephone
  • Non-verbal communication and Synergology®
  • Preparing and structuring an Oral Presentation
  • Successfully adapt your message
  • The Manager or Communicator
  • Evade trick questions at meetings
  • Identify your communication style

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The courses are available to access for 90 days from date of purchase and you can access them at any time of day, from any device with internet access. All courses contribute to your formal CPD and if you complete all of them it will total 4 formal CPD hours. 

Are you an APC Candidate?

Communication is a mandatory competency for all RICS Pathways. This suite of courses will support your development, ensure you can demonstrate this competency and help you prepare for your Final Assessment.

Learning Outcomes

  • Improve your communication skills through adapting to others
  • Get the most out of working by telephone
  • Use non-verbal communication effectively and advantageously
  • Prepare and structure a presentation
  • Adapt your message to your audience
  • Communicate as a manager and not just a team member
  • Think quickly on your feet and respond to difficult questions
  • Identify your own communication style, and that of those around you

Price excl. VAT

£99.00 for RICS members

£99.00 for non-members


90 Days - 8 x 0.5 hour courses

Download full course details