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Expert Witness Training


Professionals within the built environment are often called upon to act as expert witnesses in court and legal proceedings. Even highly-qualified professionals can benefit from developing a full understanding of the expectations of an expert witness.

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This high-level and practical course will equip you with the detailed knowledge, practical skills and confidence to prepare for and conduct an expert meeting effectively and meet our world-leading standards.

What skills and knowledge will I gain?

  • Develop knowledge of law around evidence in civil proceedings and different types of evidence
  • Learn how to write reports that inform the tribunal and comply with civil procedure rules
  • Gain an understanding of legal rules around impartiality and professional integrity
  • Develop the skills to give oral evidence in court clearly and confidently

What is the training format?

Your training will be delivered by Legal Experience Training.

The training is split over five days and includes a final assessment. To ensure that you get the most out of the training, you will be required to undertake pre-course reading prior to your attendance.

These are all standalone modules and you can attend as many or few as you wish. Simply choose your option on the right of this page.

Course timetable

Module 1, including assessment TBC
Module 2, including assessment TBC
Module 3 TBC
Module 4, including assessment day

Module: TBC

Assessment: TBC

Full course, including all assessments

Modules: TBC

Assessment: TBC

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Rigorous training

Introducing EWAS has meant that RICS members and other professionals can undergo rigorous training and assessment to our world leading standards. All accredited candidates can be confident they meet the criteria demanded of expert witnesses and will be monitored to ensure consistent quality.
The training will be delivered by Legal Experience Training.

Attract business from instructing parties

The RICS accreditation is seen as the leading qualification in its field by instructing parties and we ensure they can easily locate all who qualify.
RICS Accredited Expert Witnesses can be found on the RICS website, in the comprehensive ‘Find a Surveyor’ section.

Course Structure

The training course is 4 days in length and is modular in design and delivery. Modules can be booked alone or as a full course.

Module One:  Law, Evidence and Practice; considering the roles and responsibilities of the expert. 

Module Two: Advanced Report Writing; including the content, structure and style of a report and how to avoid bias. 

Module Three:  Expert Witness Meetings; considering how to explore areas of agreement and disagreement and draft joint statements. 

Module Four:  Witness Familiarisation; including how to prepare and effectively present evidence in hearings including arbitrations, ICC, courts and other jurisdictions.

Course content

Module One [Day 1] - Expert Evidence: Law and Practice

  • Understand the litigation process and the roles and responsibilities of the expert witness
  • Evaluate the principles governing the admissibility, credibility and weight of expert evidence, strengths and weaknesses in the evidence
  • Analyse the roles and responsibilities of the expert advisor, court-appointed expert, single joint expert, and shadow expert and
  • Understand the requirements of the CPR and CrPR, Practice Directions and Protocol (England dates) / the respective court rules for Sheriff Court and Court of Session (Scotland dates)
  • Understand the RICS Surveyors acting as an Expert Witness Practice Statement and Guidance.
  • Consider the key stages in the litigation process and working effectively with lawyers
  • Understand disclosure, privilege, immunity and cost orders, confidentiality and bias
  • Learn how to deal with pre-action protocol, case management conferences, disclosure, written questions and experts meetings/discussions and settlements.
  • Learn the legal principles and case law concerning experts’ fees and assessment of experts’ fees.

Module Two [Day 2]  - Advanced Report Writing

  • Identify the key stages in writing an expert report
  • Deal with strengths and weaknesses in the facts, assumptions and opinion
  • Learn how to write in a clear, concise and accessible manner
  • Analyse the structure, content and style of an expert report
  • Consider how to set out a well-reasoned and objective opinion
  • Undertake practical exercises and critiquing of reports to demonstrate best practice
  • Use objective competency criteria to assess expert report writing
  • Getting the formalities right; statements of truth, statements of compliance and statements of conflict

Module Three [Day 3] - Expert Witness Meetings

  • This training module is based on a detailed rolling case study where you may be asked to role play one of the expert witnesses and will be asked to carry out an expert witness meeting with another expert.

Module Four [Day 4] - Court Skills

  • Understand the court process, procedure and practice
  • Learn effective expert witness preparation before a hearing
  • Evaluate the strengths and weaknesses in the evidence
  • Understand the purpose of examination in chief and cross examination
  • Deal with questioning under cross examination with confidence, credibility and clarity
  • Understand how to use notes, documents and other evidence
  • Do’s and don’ts for witnesses
  • Practical mock cross examination role play with feedback
  • Develop a toolkit for giving effective evidence
  • Hot tubbing and what this means for the expert in court

These are all standalone modules and you can attend as many or few as you wish.

For accreditation as an RICS expert witness, applicants will also be required to complete an online ethics test and telephone interview.

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