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Mock Interviews

Training London, 9-26 May 2017

There is no better way to help you succeed in your final assessment than to experience a mock interview*

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This session allows you to experience an APC-style interview and to practise delivering your presentation and answering interview style questions on your competencies, ethics and professional practice.  It will also give you the vital opportunity to experience what the interview process is like and receive feedback from an experienced APC assessor, who will provide you with invaluable feedback on potential areas of improvement.

The mock interview will be based on the candidate’s case study and the submitted documents like it is during the final assessment.

Delegates are welcome and encouraged to record the interview on their own mobile device or video camera so they can later review their presentation and question responses, and further develop their skills.

Appointments are available throughout the day or afternoon, each lasting 1 hour.

What our previous delegates have said

Overall I thought the mock interview was the best thing I've done on the build up to final assessment in terms of preparation.
I just received my positive result and I believe the feedback I received during the day was invaluable. Best mock I have completed

Course Pre-requisites

Two weeks before the mock interview candidates must send:

  • Their final case study
  • Their submission documents fully completed

This document submission is only for the mock interview session and is not a submission to RICS for your final assessment.


In the session you will have:

  • Prepared a 10-min presentation based on your case study
  • Presented your work to a real assessor
  • Answered technical and ethical questions 
  • Received detailed feedback on your performance


Each session will last 40 min followed by 20 min feedback. The session will be divided as followed:

  • Candidate’s presentation (10min exactly)
  • Interview - assessing technical competencies (25 min)
  • Interview  - assessing ethics competencies (5min).

Who should attend

All  APC candidates presenting at the following final assessment sessions:

  • Building surveying
  • Commercial property 
  • Project management
  • Quantity surveying 
  • Residential property 
  • Valuation 
  • Building control
  • Planning and development
  • Management Consulting

*The mock interview is for practice only. The outcome of the mock interview does not guarantee success in the APC final interview. The mock interview and the APC interview are entirely separate. Feedback documents, recording or outcome of the mock interview cannot be used or received to support of any appeal against an APC final interview panel’s decision, under any circumstances.