The Chartered Surveyors' Voluntary Service (CSVS) is a registered charity supported by RICS.

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The service provides free property advice to people who would otherwise struggle to receive professional assistance.

Chartered surveyors working for CSVS give their advice on a voluntary basis. If you are a chartered surveyor and would like to assist with the service, please fill out the registration form.

Who can we help?

The service is available to people living in private rented housing or council/housing association accommodation, and also to home owners. CSVS will also take on cases involving groups of clients, such as a number of tenants on the same estate, although some tenants many not individually qualify for help.

How the service works

Initial contact is made through the Citizens Advice Bureau, who will appoint a CSVS surveyor. Generally the service involves a home visit by the CSVS surveyor and a follow-up report to the advice agency. While the service is not means tested, it is up to the agency to decide who should be referred for this free assistance.

How we can help?

Chartered surveyors are trained to deal with all practical aspects of property and construction. Typical areas CSVS can assist in are:

  • Repairs, service charges, leases - your rights and the landlord's responsibility in rented housing
  • Building disputes - advising on the quality of work, possible defects and payment disputes
  • Rents - advising on appeals for fair rent claims
  • Grants - advising on the work required to obtain housing improvements, conservation and repair grants
  • Planning - when you need permission and how to handle disputes
  • Compulsory purchase - your rights and how to appeal
  • Council tax disputes
  • Environmental and conservation matters
  • Rural problems, boundary and similar disputes

What we cannot do

Generally CSVS cannot advise on:

  • Finding somewhere to live
  • Building surveys and valuation for home purchases
  • Business or commercial matters
  • Any other query where it is considered more appropriate for the client to pay for professional advice

More information

Most areas of the UK are covered by CSVS. The service can be contacted through your local Citizens Advice Bureau (CAB) and other advice agencies. 

Should CSVS be unable to offer you free advice, our contact centre will be able to provide details of local chartered surveyors suited to your case who will charge a fee.

Contact centre

t +44 (0)247 686 8555

CSVS is a charity registered in England, number 1043479.

Free advice

If you are a chartered surveyor based in the UK and would like to work for the service on a voluntary basis, please complete the form below.

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RICS takes the privacy and security of the personal information you provide very seriously. Your details are held in a secure database with authorised access only. We apply data processing policies in compliance with the Data Protection Act 1998 and the Privacy & Electronic Communications Regulations (EC Directive) 2003

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