Areas of practice covered by the RICS Dispute Resolution Professional Group include conflict avoidance, arbitration, adjudication, independent expert determination, mediation, expert witness and advocacy services.


The RICS Dispute Resolution Professional Group liaises closely with RICS Dispute Resolution Services (DRS) but the professional group's role is distinct from that of the DRS.

DRS are responsible for the appointment of RICS' third-party dispute resolvers across a range of land, property and construction disputes, and for the training, revalidation and quality control of such appointees.

It's also responsible for a broad range of DR training, and developing new commercial dispute resolution schemes and consultancy services.

RICS Professional Groups are responsible for 4 main areas:

1. Contributing to international standards development
2. Developing guidance on how members should implement these standards
3. Market insights in their specialist areas of practice
4. Consideration of how RICS should regulate members against these standards

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