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Established in 2003, the membership of RICS in Switzerland has grown steadily. Our membership is drawn from all parts of the country, all language groups and represents a wide range of expertise.

We have members working for both the public and private sectors, a mix of Swiss and International organisations and a strong representation in the banking and financial services sector.   

Based on a survey of our membership undertaken in 2011, we can confidently say that our members work in some of the highest positions in these organisations. 17% of members are part of a Board of Directors and a further 38% are part of the Management of their companies. Most of our membership growth comes from senior people in the industry interested in achieving the recognition of their professionalism that comes with membership.

We have also accredited University courses, which allows their graduates to apply for membership through one of the APC routes.  Many more members come through the Senior Professional Route, open to those who are in a senior position or an expert in their field.  The process to become a member is available in German and French with English and Italian an option on request. 

To find out more contact our Country Manager Mary Ann Reynolds.

Members in Switzerland

We have recently published a directory of our members. To obtain your copy please contact Mary Ann Reynolds our Country Manager.  If you need any suggestions as to who you can contact with a particular expertise in a particular area please look at the directory or contact Mary Ann Reynolds.