RICS Northern Ireland contacts

The Northern Ireland National Board sits within the UK World Regional Board.

The board has been set up under the RICS staff/member partnership model, with RICS professionals and one executive staff person, the Northern Ireland director, sitting as a full board member. The board works with staff to raise the profile of RICS professional standards, to encourage careers in chartered surveying and to deliver a business plan for RICS in Northern Ireland.

The Chairman of RICS in Northern Ireland for 2017–18 is Andy Tough FRICS.

 Name  Contact details
 Andy Tough FRICS  e andy.tough@danskebank.co.uk
 Chris Kenton FRICS  e chris.kenton23@btinternet.com
 Gerry Millar MRICS  e millarg@belfastcity.gov.uk
 Colin McCarthy FRICS  e colin@mccarthy-lilburn.co.uk
 Gavin Morgan FRICS  e gavin.morgan@shipway.com
 Michelle Atkinson MRICS  e michelle@atkinsonsurveying.com
 Sean Toal MRICS  e stoal@ortus.org
 Julie McClelland MRICS  e julie.mcclelland@cbre.com
 Michael Hannaway FRICS  e mike@hannawayandhannaway.com
 Brian Henning FRICS  e brianhenning3@gmail.com 
 Colm Lavery MRICS  e colm.lavery@turntown.co.uk
 Sharon McClements MRICS  e s.mcclements@ulster.ac.uk
 Lynn Taylor MRICS  e ltaylor@lisney.com
 Noel Mathers MRICS  e noel.mathers@vbevans.com

For general queries relating to the Northern Ireland National Board, please contact:

Susan Mason
e smason@rics.org