The quarterly performance reports are intended to give both employees and professionals a high-level overview of the organisation's operational performance at the end of each quarter.

See the top 5 highlights of our latest Global Performance Report

To achieve Governing Council’s vision, the Management Board established seven long-term strategic goals for the 2016-19 business plan period.

Our strategic goals

Our Performance — Agile

To improve our performance and agility to deliver globally against all our business plan objectives.

Our Standards — Recognised

To gain market recognition of RICS standards in the key economic and  political centres of the world.

Our Leadership — Endorsed

To take a leadership role in the development, regulation and monitoring  of standards.

Our Reputation — Enhanced

To be a role model as a responsible organisation in the eyes of all our stakeholders.

Our Role — Understood

To ensure that the profession understands the direction of RICS and takes pride in its status.

Our Profession — Trusted

To grow the profession in strategically important markets.

Our Product Range — Valued

To ensure the profession continues to develop through the provision of leading-edge training, knowledge and information.

Top 5 highlights of the Global Performance Q2 Report 2016–17

  1. Second RICS School of Built Environment, Amity University opens in Mumbai.
  2. $145bn new assets now assessed according to RICS Red Book.
  3. RICS acknowledged as top brand of influence in property technology.
  4. 21% increase in people engaging with our digital channels.
  5. 43% of new RICS trainees in ASEAN are female.

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RICS Global Performance Report

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