MRICS, chartered property, finance and investment surveyor, Paris

"To be a member of the RICS imposes respect for professional ethics"

Laurent Gendrot

What got you interested in Real Estate?
Real estate includes lot of metiers. It provides an opportunity to develop skills and to acquire news ones. It also provides an opportunity to meet lots of different people.

Where did you do your training & what did it involve?
I studied in an engineer school (ESTP) where I was qualified as a land surveyor.
After a few years as a real estate analyst, I wanted to complete my profile by acquiring management skills. Thus, I completed a part-time master of science in real estate in a business school (ESSEC), which gave me the global overview on the industry. I chose this master partly because it was accredited by RICS.

What does your job involve?
Working as a sales and acquisitions chief and being the manager of a team require many complementary competencies. We need to know who are the main actors of the market, not only to purchase new acquisitions but also to manage the sales in the best way. In addition you have to be able to develop other skills like technical, financial, commercial and legal competencies in order to analyze, measure and approve the sales or acquisitions. In my job, it's essential to be a rigorous and curious person.

What has been a career highlight/most interesting project you've worked on?
My most interesting project was the creation of a €1,5Bn REIT from a €40M lease portfolio in 2007. This project included an asset contribution deal, the takeover of another REIT a capital raise and a debt raise. I particularly appreciated to work in a small team and to use a large range of financial and technical matters.

What does the RICS qualification mean to you? 
To be a member of the RICS imposes respect for professional ethics.
It’s a security for the customers, and all professionals working in the real estate industry. Moreover, RICS follows the international development of real estate to answer international customer issues.

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