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BCIS Online

Until just over two years ago we were focused on one client, working with the British Government on their schools and hospital programme. But the cuts introduced by Government meant we had to diversify our market into the private sector. We had no information for residential or refurbishment projects, but the BCIS database gave us everything we needed. Now, whenever there is a change in the market, we are able to adapt. It is one of the benefits of subscribing to BCIS.
When I joined my new company in April 2015 they did not have access to BCIS. For a couple of months I had to manage without access which made it very difficult accessing cost data. Now having a subscription to BCIS, gives me easy access to a large amount of building cost data, saving me valuable time. BCIS is invaluable, as it helps me provide realistic early cost advice to our customers from a widely recognised source.
We find the BCIS Online service to be an invaluable resource when engaging with our clients. The service enables us to give quick and accurate advice with the knowledge that the information has come from real world sources and is specific to our location and market conditions. We also use the Online service for initial cost estimates, comparison to cost plans and benchmarking received tenders, as well as detailed case studies.
The Department was keen to ensure the wealth of data under the P21+ programme reaches the widest audience possible. The BCIS on-line portal provides this information in a recognised format and importantly has been sense checked by the BCIS as part of the publication process. Availability of cost data supports budget development, benchmarking and cost management for new and developing healthcare projects. This has helped the P21+ programme exceed its 14% construction cost reduction target as part of the Government Construction Strategy.

BCIS Rebuild Online

As part of handling insurance claims, we have to valid the sum insured on property and need access to cost data that is accurate and up-to-date … By having access to BCIS Rebuild Online it has allowed us to accurately prepare rebuilding valuations to satisfy the insurer’s compliance rules on the sum insured and speed up settlement of the homeowners claim. The biggest benefit of subscribing to BCIS Rebuild Online, for us, is that it provides access to a national database of up-to-date cost models to benchmark against, this in turn helps us to mitigate the risk of liability from costly errors in the insurance claims process.
Working as a Building Surveyor, I am required to calculate a rebuild valuations for residential properties bought by the local Diocese I serve (for insurance purposes). The hard copy book of figures was getting a bit out-of-date so BCIS Rebuild Online is the only reliable option to working out an accurate rebuild value. It is an industry accepted method of calculating a rebuild value helping remove the risk of any miss-calculations. The most important benefit of using BCIS Rebuild Online is that it gives quick, simple and reliable rebuild calculations.

BCIS Bespoke Data Services, Forecasting Data

It can help manage inflationary risk:

The fair allocation of risk is key to achieving the best value on a contract. Requiring contractors to take responsibility for risks they cannot assess or manage will result in either a high risk premium or commercial pressures caused by insufficient provision.

BCIS Price Adjustment Formulae Indices

The biggest benefit of using the BCIS Price Adjustment Formulae Indices is that it promotes a collaborative commercial arrangement between the project manager and contractor by setting out in the contract tender process exactly how the impact of inflation will be measured and how the contractor will recover costs through the administration of a periodic price adjustment.

BCIS Review Online

We are a small QS firm in the North West. We work with a lot of architects on building projects. On a recent project for a new block of apartments, we used BCIS Review Online to quickly establish the ‘Cost per square metre’ was £1,600. We then advised the architect that the building was over designed and he could get the apartments designed and built for less, saving £150,000. Using BCIS gives us a benchmark early on and tells clients the project is feasible and will come in on budget.

BCIS Building Running Costs Online

We are a specialist life cycle costing consultancy annually working on projects with a construction value of over £1 billion. We provide BREEAM 2014 Man 02 appraisals and The BCIS Running Costs Online is an excellent tool to help us create life cycle cost forecasts, carry out benchmarking and demonstrate how the design team, can identify solutions that minimise life cycle costs and maximise critical value for a scheme.
VINCI Facilities has been using the BCIS Building Running Costs online tool for many years. The cost indices and rates provide a valuable resource for all manner of projects. Recently, VINCI has developed a software tool for our FM clients that link their asset inventory directly into the BCIS 2014 rates allowing an accurate forecast of life cycle costs over any number of years. The rates are also used to benchmark our supply chain costs and assist in driving and then providing best value. For example, the BCIS rate for a particular specification of decorating is £2.10/m²; using this to drive value, we procured it at £2.10/m² and we could pass that saving directly to our client.
We are large public sector firm managing c130 sites and 220 buildings. When looking to downsize our estate I used the BCIS Building Running Costs Database to compare the running costs of one of our existing buildings with newer building alternatives to establish the viability to downsize and move into the alternative property. BCIS Running Costs Database is a valuable tool in assisting us to compare different buildings to help reduce our ongoing revenue costs.

Plant and Equipment Indices

Gathering plant and equipment indices can be a real challenge and can be a very time-consuming process. The new RICS plant and equipment indices are presented by asset classification and industry. The web-based system is both flexible and user friendly when searching for specific indices across the full range of industrial assets. The indices will provide a consistent source of cost inflationary data and will make a real difference to the way I work.

Submitting Cost Data

BCIS Online has enabled us to provide our clients with the latest and most relevant costing information. We understand that in order for BCIS to maintain the high standard of service that they provide, they are dependent on the project cost information submitted to them by their subscribers. Over the years, we have submitted many projects to BCIS for cost analysis so that it not only helps us as a practice but also other subscribers too.

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