Our construction data is used by consultants, clients and contractors to produce specific estimates for option appraisals, early cost advice, cost planning and benchmarking.

Our historic data goes back 50 years; while our forecasts will help you plan for the next five years.

Our products

We have a range of products to suit your requirements:

BCIS Online

A tool to help Quantity Surveyors and Cost Estimators provide early cost advice and prepare detailed cost plans for clients. You can benchmark costs for both commercial and residential buildings.

BCIS Review Online

A sub-set of BCIS Online; BCIS Review Online can help surveyors provide top level early cost advice, insurance reinstatement cost assessments, development appraisals or valuations based on current construction prices.

Schedule of Rates (ORDB)

Replacing price books, Schedule of Rates provides costing information online.  They are used to provide costs from the bottom up.  It includes Dilapidations and Building Maintenance; building contractors and surveyors will find this a valuable tool.

Construction Duration Calculator

The BCIS Construction Duration Calculator gives a quick yet robust estimate of how long it will actually take to construct a building based on thousands of actual project outturns.

Public Sector Price and Cost Indices

The indices provide basic tools of the trade for anyone involved in estimating, cost checking and fee negotiation on public sector construction works including roads.

BCIS Price Adjustment Formulae Indices (PAFI)

PAFI are monthly indices used in conjunction with the Formula Methods of adjusting building, specialist engineering and civil engineering contracts to allow for changes in the costs of labour, plant and materials.

MTC Indices

These monthly updating percentages may be used as a contractual basis for reimbursement of increased costs for the contracts let on all PSA Schedules of Rates or other forms of maintenance contracts as well as assisting in updating estimates.

Other services

  • Labour hours and wages
  • Dayworks

Plant and Equipment Indices

If you would like a demonstration of these products, please click here. If you would like to speak to someone about your requirements, please phone +44(0)24 7686 8433. 


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