Ensure your Daywork Rates are up to date by subscribing to our online service.

With different negotiating bodies and different timings of wage and benefit promulgations, changes in National Insurance Contributions, CITB levy and pension rates, keeping track of all the changes is very time consuming and expensive. The solution to this is to subscribe to the 'BCIS Dayworks Online' service which has been introduced by BCIS to ensure that your Daywork Rates are always up to date.

Subscribers have access to a full set of current rates and throughout the year the latest rates are available as soon as changes occur.  Calculations are shown for both the latest working hours and the rate itself, with an explanation as to the reason for the change.

Rates are given for the major trades in England, Scotland and Wales.
Includes new rates for 47 grades of operative covering the following trades:

  • Builders (6 grades)
  • Plumbers - main grades (7 grades)
  • Plumbers - apprentices (8 grades)
  • Heating and ventilating (11 grades)
  • Electricians - main grades (12 grades)
  • Electricians - apprentices (3 grades) (Scotland only)

Each grade is calculated in accordance with the appropriate 'Definition of Prime Cost of Daywork' agreed between RICS and the Contracting Organisations. Plumbers rates are based on a formula agreed between RICS and the plumbing contracting organisations in England, Wales and Scotland.

You will have up-to-date calculations to use for:

  • Estimates
  • Interim payments
  • Final accounts on building and maintenance contracts
  • Pricing, checking and negotiating daywork rates for labour

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