Alexander Aronsohn FRICS

Director of Technical International Standards (RICS)

IPMS 3 - Office is used by people such as agents and occupiers, asset managers, facility managers, property managers, researchers and valuers.


IPMS 3 - Office is the floor area available on an exclusive basis to an occupier, but excluding standard facilities and shared circulation areas, and calculated on an occupier-by-occupier or floor-by-floor basis for each building.

IPMS 3 at a glance

  • It is equivalent to the old measurement of net internal area and deals with those parts occupied by a tenant
  • It can only be used for the measurement of offices
  • IPMS 3 is used for measuring the internal area of a building in exclusive occupation, including internal walls and columns (previously excluded from net internal area)
  • It can be used by parties such as agents, occupiers, asset managers, facility managers, property managers, researchers and valuers
  • Standard facilities are included and excluded from the measurement (see below)
  • It also includes some measurements that must be stated separately (balconies, covered galleries, rooftop terraces) as well as a new concept for members: internal dominant face.


All internal walls and columns within an occupant’s exclusive area are included within IPMS 3 - Office. The floor area is taken to the internal dominant face and, where there is a common wall with an adjacent tenant, to the centre-line of the common wall.


Standard facilities are those parts of a building that would provide shared or common facilities that typically do not change over time. Standard facilities may vary from floor-to-floor and will also vary according to how the building is occupied.


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