This paper focuses on a comprehensive review of the literature pertaining to construction health and safety and sustainable buildings.

Despite recent efforts aimed at promoting sustainability in the built environment, very little is done to integrate health and safety (H&S) into sustainability evaluation. To promote a holistic perspective of sustainability, a literature review of previous studies which investigated health and safety on sustainable buildings was carried out.

The review focused on publication year, sample size, country of origin, building type, research methods, and sustainable H&S tools. Seventy percent of all studies were carried out in the US, while forty percent of the research method used were interviews and questionnaires.

Research on sustainable health and safety is limited, as only two tools (SCSH and IVMSA) addressed H&S on sustainable building. The Sustainable Construction Safety and Health (SCSH) rating system aims to rate sustainable projects based on compliance with defined health and safety elements. The Integrated Value Model for Sustainability Assessment (IVMSA) aims to aid the selection of sustainable projects based on a H&S sustainability index. A major limitation of these tools is that they aren’t broad spectrum with respect to their defining element, as hazard and risk management elements, safety behaviour and attitude management elements and the uncertainty of the construction process weren’t taken into account in their development.

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