The aim of this study was to rate and determine the core communication skills a construction project manager should possess to enhance and ensure project success, as well as if leadership is important to communicate effectively.

Project management activities depend on the project manager’s ability to communicate.  It is important to determine the skills needed by a project manager to communicate effectively for the benefit of the project.

A research questionnaire survey was administered to construction project managers, architects, construction managers, engineers and quantity surveyors. The focus of the questionnaire was on the communication skills of construction project managers in terms of importance to the successful management of projects.

The results of this research illustrate which skills are core communication skills of project managers.  The skills that contribute to successful communication were indicated in the results of the research. The conclusion identifies those communication skills that are core communication skills and important communication skills for the construction industry. 

If all areas of communication; the core communication skills, important communication skills, and effective management and leadership are in position to ensure effective flow of communication, the result will be a project that meets requirements.  Communication is fundamental to produce successful projects.

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