This paper looks at the BIM and the Value Dimension from a Commercial Property Development and Management Perspective.

BIM is integral to real-time information coordination between various disciplines within RICS, informing decision-making and improving analysis and simulation. While proponents of BIM claim a variety of client benefits, the potential of BIM from the diverse perspectives of the property domain has largely been overlooked, as has the broader scope of the property lifecycle.

This trans-disciplinary scoping study explores the role of the "value dimension" of BIM; that is, the processes that extend beyond the project lifecycle and the data that is used to assess risk, growth and depreciation through the life of the property. The findings of an Australian industry workshop identify the specific information requirements of property professionals before then mapping these with existing project-based BIM deliverables. The paper closes with a discussion of a model of BIM and the value dimension and a roadmap for future research.

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