This paper aims to consolidate a group of competitive dimensions and their respective criteria which will be used to evaluate suppliers at the selection stage.

 In the construction context, price-driven selections remove from competition a large number of sub-contractors and suppliers with valuable contributions such as innovations, forms of relationships and risk mitigation, reinforcing the decline in the level of performance and reduction in the overall project efficiency, since inefficiencies are summed through the chain. The purpose of this paper is to construct a set of metrics, namely competitive dimensions, to evaluate and select suppliers in construction Engineer-to-Order (ETO) supply chains.

The dimensions were constructed drawing upon a literature review regarding three theoretical areas: (i) Supplier relationship management; (ii) Supply risk management; and (iii) Production competitive dimensions. This research established the following results:

  • the definition of the supplier relationship management stages, which are divided into planning, pre-qualification, selection, control and development.
  • a group of competitive dimensions that enable suppliers’ selection based on qualitative and quantitative criteria, highlighting the benefits of utilising each attribute.
  • the set of criteria support risk mitigation of supply chain disruptions and failures in the projects.
  • the criteria range provide flexibility of use, since the main contractor can utilize a reduced combination of them to conduct selections of less strategic resources suppliers.

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