This paper examines the key to successful management of construction alliances.

The research aims to develop new knowledge about governance frameworks, and how they influence major public investment projects.

Information in the study was collected from project cost and schedule data, contract review, and on-site observation. In particular, it probed the management and governance structures applied to the projects. The findings suggested Alliance participants believed this procurement methodology allowed the learning from each project to be used to improve the outcome of subsequent projects in the capital program. It also provided consistency and continuity of teams and behaviors across all projects. However, there was not measurable cost or schedule improvement over time, indicating a lack of innovation.

The research offered new insight in the interplay between governance functions and management functions on public sector construction projects. Stakeholders have certain expectations regarding the efficiency, economy and effectiveness of monies spent on public projects, and they rely on governance mechanisms to provide assurance and accurately report project status.

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