This paper uncovers the profile of SPIs in the Australian construction industry.

Psychological injuries contracted due to suffering a physical injury is referred to as secondary psychological injury (SPI), which develops over a period of time post the physical injury. SPIs have devastating long term impacts on employees and employers; on average, employees who suffer from an SPI are away from work twice as long as those who suffer a physical injury. Past studies have focused only on primary psychological injuries in construction and hardly any study on SPIs is found.

This research statistically analysed 422 cases of secondary psychological injuries occurred in the state of New South Wales, Australia during 2005-15. It was found that: falls and muscular stress are associated not only with more frequent SPIs but sever ones; injuries involving multiple parts of the body or back are linked to more and severe SPIs; tradespersons suffer severe SPIs more than workers and professionals; and the severity and frequency of SPIs tend to increase with the age of 20 - 50.

The findings may help devise apt strategies to curtail the occurrences of SPIs in the Australian construction industry as they direct to specific employment and employee situations that are more vulnerable to SPIs.

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