This paper looks at the work-life balance in the construction industry.

Work-life balance is a term used to describe a person’s work-related activity and their non-work commitments, and how they impact on one another. The construction industry is well known for being a demanding and stressful environment with a culture of long working hours quite common. As a result, individuals are finding it harder to manage their lives with work activities often taking precedence over personal time. This can lead to possible health and fatigue issues.

 A literature review was undertaken to explore the issue of work-life balance. Then using an integrated approach to data collection a mixture of quantitative and qualitative research methods were used to identify current conditions within the Australian construction industry and the value that construction professionals place on achieving a healthy work-life balance. The results suggest that the concept of work-life balance is of significant importance, however, only a small number of research participants thought that they currently had a healthy work-life balance. Flexible hours and location appeared highly desirable in respect to obtaining a healthy work-life balance. Respondents also indicated their willingness to change their employment situations to remedy the situation.

It is hoped that this study encourages healthier work-life arrangements within the construction management context.

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