The central question this research report addresses is how BIM can support the activities and professional services delivered by property professionals.

BIM offers rich opportunities for property professionals to use information throughout the property lifecycle. However, the potential benefits it may have for this sector have been largely untapped to-date. BIM tools and processes were originally developed by the architecture, engineering and construction (AEC) sector to assist in managing design and construction data. As these technologies and processes mature and evolve, so too does the opportunity for other professional groups to utilise various types of data contained within, or linked to, BIM models.

Using feedback from workshops in Sydney and London and a global online survey this research report identifies the data types and needs most significant to property professionals’ and maps these across the property lifecycle. It then evaluates the extent to which this data is generated in Architecture Engineering and Construction focused BIM deliverables. Following on from this the research looks at issues around training and education for property professionals along with the ways in which BIM can be integrated into property education.

The report will be particularly useful for educators, professional bodies and property professionals who play a key role in in shaping and promoting the development of BIM  in the real estate sector. 


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