This report looks at chartered surveyors’ knowledge and understanding of both direct and indirect impacts of flooding on SMEs.

Using Cockermouth in Cumbria as its case study site, the research revealed that flooded SMEs have experienced increases in their property insurance premiums and excesses. It highlighted the need of addressing the risk by other means and not relying solely on insurance, which is where chartered surveyors come into play.

Nearly 40% have said that they might approach a chartered surveyor for flood protection advice. This seems to suggest that the awareness of SMEs about the services of chartered surveyors have increased following their post-flood recovery experiences.

From a surveyor’s perspective, the opportunity to offer flood-related adaptation advice represents a new direction in their portfolio of professional services. Recent shifts in national policy towards promoting property-level protection suggest that this area of expertise is likely to see a growth of demand in the future. Whilst more experienced surveyors may arguably be capable of expanding in to flood reinstatement and protection related practice without formal training, this could not be said for surveyors with lesser experience.

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