Research aims to understand the contemporary role of agents and other information sources in shaping owner occupiers’ search and bidding behaviour in the UK and New Zealand.

Estate agents have been witnesses and participants to significant changes in technology and communication within the residential transaction process since the 1990s. Previous studies have observed how technological innovation (eg email and online property portals) have changed the mechanisms of communication and advertising. Research has also recorded that both buyer and vendor behaviours have altered as infromation and attitudes towards the home buying process have changed.

This report summarises the findings of 29 interviews and a desk based review of estate agency web presences undertaken during 2014 and 2015; the research compares businesses in England and New Zealand. The interviews provide detailed insights into the changes in practices and the pressures and the opportunities afforded from technological innovation and changes in buyer and vendor behaviour. Participants from two regions in each country were interviewed, London and South Yorkshire in England, and Auckland and Hamilton in New Zealand.

The aim of the interviews were to explore:

  • the pressures and opportunities emerging from technological innovation
  • changes in home buyers' and vendors' behaviour
  • the responses of the estate agency profession to changes in technology and buyer and vendor behaviour

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