The research aims to compare the REITS in HK, China and Singapore in terms of regulation, taxation, costs and returns.

As an important tool for facilitating real estate liquidity, the opportunity for the development of Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs) in China has arrived.

Within two years, several quasi-REIT products were listed. This unprecedented speed of progress seems to be a sign that the Chinese government is committed to an accelerated development of the onshore REIT market. In this context, INSITE Group Research Centre and RICS conducted a questionnaire survey in the middle of 2015 and published the research report REITs in China: Opportunities and Challenges.

The survey results indicate that although the prospects of REITs in China are bright, there are limitations in their development, including government policy, finance system, talent, etc. The majority of respondents considered market maturity as the foundation for REITs.

Also currently in the Chinese real estate market, there are few properties that are suitable for development of REITs. It is concluded in the research report that the launch of standard REITs will facilitate the healthy development of the real estate sector in China and the entire monetary and financial system.

What is urgently needed is the removal of obstacles in launching the standard of REITs in China and the government can support this by issuing specific legislation for REITs products in China.

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