The RICS/IPD Valuation and Sale Price Report 2012, studies data from the 2011 IPD Annual Index for French, German, Netherlands and UK markets and compares this against the sale prices of commercial property in those markets.

Front cover of RICS/IPD valuation and sales price report 2012

There was a shift in the number of sales analysed by IPD in the subject locations. France saw a large dip in sample size with 167 transactions analysed as opposed to 557 in the previous year. The Netherlands also saw a decline with 150 properties analysed in 2011 from 222 in 2010. By contrast, there was an increase in German assets at 166 from 107 the previous year. It was in the UK that you see the most significant jump in analysed units from 652 in 2010 to 1,164 in 2011.

The IPD Valuation and Sale Price research study has been running for over 20 years and was first undertaken as a collaborative study in 2003. It aims to monitor, on an annual basis, the relationship between achieved sale prices and previous valuations.

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