This research examines the potential for mitigation of predominantly pluvial flooding in central business districts (CBD) through retrofitting of sustainable urban drainage systems.

It draws upon case studies in the commercial office sector in Melbourne, Australia and Newcastle, UK. The research focuses on the following objectives:

  • To evaluate the potential proportion of buildings which could be physically retrofitted with green roof technology, and the potential for adjoining CBD spaces to be retrofitted with permeable paving;
  • To explore the potential reduction in rainwater run-off from green roof retrofits in Newcastle and Melbourne;
  • To analyse the costs and benefits of sustainable urban drainage systems (SUDS) retrofits for flood risk reduction, identify additional social and environmental benefits of green roof retrofit and develop a conceptual model for green roof retrofit to commercial buildings;
  • To identify and summarise available guidance for retrofitting SUDS on commercial buildings for the benefit of surveyors.



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