An overview of the performance of the built environment and related professions in Sub-Saharan Africa.

As a consequence of increasing urbanisation, rapid population growth and greater engagement with the global economy, there are both pressures on and opportunities for the built environment professional in Sub-Saharan Africa.

In order to ensure that African markets can take advantage of the opportunities afforded by greater integration into the world economic system, it is necessary that the built environment profession possesses both the necessary skills and capacity to respond. Attempts have previously been made to better understand Sub-Saharan Africa’s built environment and its professionals. This report further attempts to understand the conditions that are bound to influence the development and maturity of built environment professionals in the region, including countries in south, east and west Africa.

RICS commissioned this research to help understand the potential role we could play in Sub-Saharan Africa and in the land and resources sector by assessing the potential future demand for services of the built environment profession, by skills, discipline and by size of market.

Potential gaps in the industry were identified in terms of the capacity of the industry and the skills offered by the industry. The research found there is significant potential for building professional skills capacity through collaborative working across Sub-Saharan Africa. This research helped RICS to develop its strategy for its future presence in key African markets as well as developing the profession.

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  1. The view from RICS

    In November 2013, RICS’ Governing Council approved a proposal to widen our operations to include Sub Saharan Africa, with a focus on the key markets of Ghana, Kenya and South Africa. Earlier this year, RICS visited the region to affirm our commitment to building strong and lasting relationships with national professional surveying bodies and collaborative working on capacity building, best practice guidance and international standards across Africa.

    We recently signed a MOU with the Ghana Institute of Surveyors (GhIS) that outlined our commitment to work together to promote the need for international standards in property, as well as issuing guidance as to how these can be used and of benefit to local markets. GhIS operate a very similar model of assessment, training, regulation and membership structures.

    RICS looks forward to playing a greater role to assist building professional skills as well as developing and regulating the standards that are needed to support sustainable land, real estate and construction markets.

    Mark Walley

    Mark Walley, RICS Regional Managing Director, EMEA 26 August 2014 26 at 10:37AM

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