Building Conservation Journal May-June 2016

John Edwards

Director (Edwards Hart Consultants)

Traditional buildings make up a quarter of the UK building stock, and while professionals like ourselves with conservation knowledge treat these in an informed way, those that don’t will often think of them as they do modern buildings.

Building Conservation Journal May-June 2016

Most of you will probably be experts in building conservation, and that’s partly the problem: this message needs to reach those chartered surveyors who are not. They form the vast majority of those dealing with our built heritage. Promoting best practice in surveying traditional buildings needs to be central to all bodies in our sector.

There is no doubt that we are advancing the practice of chartered surveyors, and in this issue of Building Conservation Journal there are features on how historic repair projects can be influenced by differing philosophical perspectives and on new opportunities for specialist heritage craft skills training, as well as our regular update on the sector, covering legislation and guidance. 

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