Building Conservation Journal May–June 2017

Hannah Ramsden

Editor (RICS)

From risk management to digital surveying — both of which are covered in this issue of the Building Conservation Journal — so much can be gleaned from just talking to people. Meeting other heritage professionals can help with your CPD, and conversations with those outside the profession are important in ensuring that your work fulfils the public interest.


Institute of Historic Building Conservation Director Seán O’Reilly discusses the significance of meeting the membership. RICS promotes self-development and learning: however, seeking out community projects or social groups can enhance your understanding of conservation. Continuing to question your practice and considering different interests, as O’Reilly asserts, can add depth and diversity to conservation work and CPD. We aim to report on various conservation skills and paths to accreditation in the profession as more become available over time.

Covering interventions, procurement, programming, costs and quality control, John Edwards details the measures that should be considered to reduce potential problems as a project progresses. BS 7913: 2013 Guide to the conservation of historic buildings makes it clear that, as accreditation schemes and certifications become more defined, risks can be more readily identified at the outset of a project. The Building Conservation Journal will report on such schemes and certifications in future issues.

Digital developments are always a hot topic in building surveying, and this is no different in conservation. Alan Forster, Fred Bosche and Enrique Valero report on the findings of the Historic Digital Survey, designed to assess the best methods for managing buildings’ external maintenance needs. Offering insight into four methods of 3D “reality capture” technologies, the academic trio take you through a pilot study and an investigation of Craigmillar Castle, Edinburgh.

In the Heritage Update, Henry Russell discusses the latest developments on repointing – that is, renewing the external part of a wall’s mortar joints. Listing guidance updates for England and Scotland, Russell also presents the latest advice from SPAB, including the Old House Handbook, by Roger Hunt and Marianne Suhr; the latter is a panel judge on Channel 4’s Great British Buildings: Restoration of the Year.

As ever, we are always looking for interesting, technical contributions – if you have any ideas, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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