Building Conservation Journal October–November 2016

Barney Hatt

Editor, Building Surveying Journal & Building Control Journal (RICS)

In times when national issues may prove divisive – the recent referendum on UK membership of the EU being a prominent example – institutions such as ours have a duty to reaffirm our commitment to cooperation and the promotion of our standards and ethics.


n this issue, we offer such insight by looking at two prominent threats to historic buildings: water and fire. Michael Parrett shares his expertise in how to diagnose damp and considers the impact of retrofits, while Nick Hunt asks why historic properties are at such significant risk from fire and suggests some of the common problems that can exacerbate blazes and hinder escape.

John Williams and Jennifer Murgatroyd go on to look at the role of specialist investigations in establishing a sound knowledge base for the refurbishment of historic buildings, and this edition’s heritage update concentrates on energy efficiency initiatives for traditional stock.

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