Construction Journal Apr–May 2016

Les Pickford

Freelance writer and former Editor of the RICS Construction Journal (RICS)

Change is part of life. Those of us who view it as a troublesome harbinger of delay and dispute are clearly not cut out to be project managers, as a range of articles in this edition of Construction Journal demonstrates.

Construction Journal Apr–May 2016

The open-minded and agile will thrive in situations where change is the norm. Change should empower, energise and enable surveyors to exhibit their unique blend of project management skills, as Tim Fry, Ben Tooley and Peter Duignan explain.

Elsewhere, major construction projects will provide a host of opportunities for those with the right mindset to demonstrate project-defining leadership, Donnie McNicol writes. Having plenty of emotional intelligence and cognitive aptitude helps, but sound experience and good working practices are just as important. Good leaders will, he argues, embrace change and new technologies and offer a clear and consistent view, taking projects through the maelstrom — and even having fun along the way.

Building information modelling and broadband are also in the mix this issue, in articles by Alan Muse and by Helen Garthwaite and Claire Haynes respectively. There is also an important reminder to all members about the effect of EU Council Directive 2011/88 on the requirement for surveyors to be clear about consumer rights. Not fun, but critical!

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