Construction Journal June–July 2016

Les Pickford

Freelance writer and former Editor of the RICS Construction Journal (RICS)

Is your organisation driving for a diverse workforce?

Construction Journal June–July 2016

This issue of Construction Journal focuses on diversity, with Tara Zutshi and Joanna Barker citing research that finds that companies in the top quartiles for gender and racial and ethnic equality are more likely to outperform the rest of their industry. Meanwhile, Teri Okoro emphasises the need for the sector to recruit more widely to avoid a coming skills shortage.

Skills are likewise in focus in Eleri Evans’ piece on how to bring emotional intelligence into your management practice, and Helen Crossland is concerned with behaviour as well, reminding companies of the need to have well-drafted social media policies so employees are clear about where the lines are drawn.

On a more technical front, Kim Vernau makes the case for off-site manufacture, Andrew Byrne and Emma-Kate Ryan consider how to implement change effectively during infrastructure projects, and Shy Jackson stresses the importance of maintaining a schedule of services. Elsewhere, Joe Martin continues his series on price adjustment formulae indices and RICS President-Elect Amanda Clack calls for urgent action to ensure the future of UK infrastructure.

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