Construction Journal September-October 2016

Les Pickford

Freelance writer and former Editor of the RICS Construction Journal (RICS)

Mitigating risks requires a positive approach and is about learning lessons from past projects, both of which are covered in this edition of Construction Journal.

Construction Journal September-October 2016

In his piece, Richard Schofield sets out processes for reviewing project experience and recording what is valuable for future work, while David Reynolds considers this in more detail in his article on the RICS Lessons Learned guidance note.

In my own article, I pick the brains of those in the working group that put the guidance note together, and then speak to Richard Wood, Commercial and Performance Assurance Manager at Crossrail, about how its Learning Legacy programme can inform future infrastructure projects in the UK. But lessons learned are not the only way to improve future performance, and Andrew Pryke looks at the value of BIM in managing risk throughout the project lifecycle.

Elsewhere in this issue, Martin Burns discusses why the arbitration process is coming back into favour, Helen Crossland weighs up the pros and cons of being a contractor rather than an employee, and Joe Martin concludes his look at the new price adjustment formulae indices.

We also have a pair of pieces on contracts, with Tim Jones offering advice to APC candidates and Shy Jackson giving some practical pointers on good practice when drafting documents.

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