Land Journal June–July 2016

Mike Swain

Editor, Land Journal (RICS)

The Land Journal is not a news magazine in the strictest sense. But that does not stop it being topical.

Land Journal June–July 2016

Take this issue’s lead article on new RICS guidance about rights of light. This is a popular topic and a regular item in news stories around the country, but as author Michael Ney says: “Dealing with matters of rights of light can be fiendishly difficult.”

Meanwhile, Head of Savills World Research Yolande Barnes discusses recent work on how best to redevelop London’s estates and build the right kind of homes in the right place to meet demand – a topic central to political debate in the capital. The “Complete Streets” approach she advocates aims to add homes to present and former council estates and increase density while retaining existing dwellings and fostering a sense of place.

This issue also features Hugh Taylor’s comprehensive look at the latest renewable energy reforms, which still leave potentially lucrative opportunities for landowners. Chairmen’s notes contain the latest news on the important International Land Measurement Standards coalition, as well as progress on the International Property Measurement Standards arising from last year’s COP21 meeting.

Finally, Paul Collins in his notes includes lines from William Wordsworth condemning humanity’s treatment of nature as a commodity to be plundered – lines which remain as relevant today as when they were written more than 200 years ago.

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