Land Journal March–April 2017

Mike Swain

Editor, Land Journal (RICS)

Our lead article by the eminent Stig Enemark — well-known to many of you — is entitled “Supporting the 2030 global agenda”, and examines the need for sound land governance and administration as well as the importance of land issues in the Sustainable Development Goals.


Such issues are central to the global agenda in terms of land tenure, human rights, women’s access, climate-related disasters and urbanisation.

In this issue

As Stig says, land professionals have a key role to play if these goals are to be achieved. Many young people are drawn into the profession precisely because they are aware of these problems and want to play a part in tackling them.

International standards are also becoming increasingly important for RICS and its professionals, and Alexander Aronsohn explains those in which the organisation is involved, as well as how they help define the professional service that chartered surveyors provide.

James Kavanagh writes, too, about the need for International Land Measurement Standards and the progress being made towards establishing them. Lastly on the global theme, Bruce Keith sets out the challenges we face in managing water resources around the world in the face of climate change and urbanisation, with some sobering facts and figures on the shortages we face. The amounts of water it takes to produce different foods are particularly shocking.

Within the UK, the Manchester Urban Institute has produced an interesting feature on how map overlays can identify potential planning policy benefits and conflicts. We also cover the new business rating assessments that are causing upset in some quarters, while Fiona Mannix and Tamara Hooper outline RICS’ rural land priorities and recommendations for Brexit, which I am sure will provoke some lively discussions.

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