Land Journal May-June 2016

Mike Swain

Editor, Land Journal (RICS)

Recently, I had to give a presentation on the Land Journal. But with only five minutes, I just had time to introduce myself and talk briefly about the various specialisms that the journal covers. I decided to concentrate on outlining some articles – but choosing them from the huge range that the journal publishes proved more difficult than I had imagined.

Land Journal May-June 2016

This is a roundabout way of introducing this issue, which includes articles on subjects ranging from glacial lake flooding in Greenland – with spectacular pictures – to what to do about a fly-grazing horse on land you want to develop. Meanwhile, former Land Journal editor Libby Peacock reports again from the RICS African summit, noting that although the sub-Saharan region was seen as the poorest in the world in 2000 it is now predicted to be the home of “the next billion consumers”.

Our land tenure theme is continued by Robin McLaren and Stig Enemark who discuss their recently published UN-Habitat Global Land Network document 'Fit-For-Purpose Land Administration Guiding Principles'. Closer to home, I would draw your attention to Milton Silverman’s article on new EU regulations that are designed to protect consumers from pressurised selling, but which have significant implications for valuers, surveyors, estate agents and many others offering a service. I know these have been causing concern in some quarters.

That doesn’t cover everything even in this issue – but it is about all I had time to say in my five-minute presentation.

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