Land Journal May–June 2017

Mike Swain

Editor, Land Journal (RICS)

It may be hard to believe at the moment, but there is more to life than Brexit — as, I hope, this issue of Land Journal demonstrates.


The main feature is on another long-running and complex problem: how to repair the broken housing system and ensure that there are enough affordable homes. Sarah Sayce questions whether planning delays and a reluctance to bring forward land are responsible for the housing shortfall. She focuses instead on an overreliance on the private sector for supply, and says the current system results in rising land prices and falling affordable housing provision.

In a separate article, Simon Radford looks at the importance of market evidence in viability appraisals and how the market is working in practice, with reference to several case studies.

Should you want to get away from housing issues — or indeed Brexit negotiations — why not try glamping? This was the most popular topic at last year’s Farm Business Innovation show, and Edward Busby’s article details how to set up a glamping site.

Meanwhile, I was delighted to receive a report from former Land Journal Editor Roz Wrottesley on this year’s RICS Africa Summit in Johannesburg, where land rights and ownership were key themes. And Tony Mulhall, in his piece, reviews the UN New Urban Agenda, identifying in it opportunities for surveyors around the world as cities expand.

Finally, many thanks to those who took the time and trouble to respond to our recent survey — your support is much appreciated. Feedback like this is invaluable when trying to balance the subjects covered by the journal.

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