The growth of the global middle class is driving demand for better housing across the world – especially in countries such as China, India and Brazil.


In our cover feature this month, we speak to experts and RICS members in these regions about the particular challenges of delivering middle-class housing in those markets.

Asia in focus

Also in this edition, we shine the spotlight on Indonesia. The economy of the world’s fourth-most populous nation is changing dramatically under its reformist president, Joko Widodo. As the country opens up to overseas investment, we investigate what impact the changes will have on its real estate market.

Elsewhere in the magazine, Hong Kong’s MTR Corporation is held up as an exemplar in how to fund large-scale infrastructure projects, and we report on how Asia-Pacific investors’ desire for trophy assets is shaping Australia’s office market.

In our regular debate slot, Macau property experts Juliet Risdon and Tom Ashworth debate what – if any – effect China’s crackdown on corruption and excess spending will have on Asia’s Las Vegas, and in our legal column, Neil Kaplan extols the virtues of arbitration as a means of settling disputes.

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