The Adaptable Issue

Oliver Parsons

Editor of Modus (RICS)

Meet the new, most important person in city hall: the Chief Risk Officer. Working across departments, these 'resilience tsars' bang heads together to learn about the particular threats that their city faces, and lead the development of a suitable resilience strategy.

In this lead feature we speak to CROs on three different continents to discover how this role can work to strengthen urban areas’ ability to respond to disaster, and to better understand the different types of risk that each city faces.

Also this edition:

They’re ugly, take up valuable space and becoming increasingly obsolete - could we be putting multistorey car parks to better use?

And in our cover feature, we speak to urbanists, leaders and economists about the growing power of city regions. As they become wealthier and more international in their outlook, how will that affect their relationships at a local and national scale?

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