The conflict issue

Oliver Parsons

Editor of Modus (RICS)

The disruptive effects of conflict touch many parts of the surveying profession, whether through construction site disputes, office culture clashes or the very real threat faced by those working in war zones past, present and future.

The Conflict issue

In our cover feature, we examine the challenges faced by surveyors helping to rebuild regions that have been torn apart by war, from the Middle Eastern flashpoints of Iraq and Lebanon, to the Serbian capital Belgrade, which was badly bombed during the Yugoslav wars of the 1990s.

Elsewhere, we turn our attention to the conflicts that play out on the world's largest construction sites. A growth in the number of "mega projects" being undertaken has fuelled a growth in "mega disputes" and, subsequently, a host of measures intended to resolve these complex arguments before they end up in court.

On a related note, as larger and more complex projects give rise to a new wave of cross-border collaboration between firms, we find out how to maintain harmony across offices in different timezones and cultures.

Finally, we meet the surveyors on the front line – in some cases literally – providing the military with vital data that informs the planning of everything from future battlefield scenarios to anti-submarine warfare.

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