The Connected Issue

Oliver Parsons

Editor of Modus (RICS)

We live in a connected society. Every aspect of our lives is now – to some degree – influenced by the connections we make. Could your journey to work benefit from a better integrated transport network? Is your broadband speed too slow? Should you accept that LinkedIn invite?

As technological advances force us to rely more heavily on intangible, digital networks, is it time to look again at our connection with the physical world around us? Our cities’ open spaces have often been designed with little regard for how the people that use them interact with the surrounding built environment. Are we now seeing a more enlightened approach taking hold, as developers and planners start to recognise that the value of a scheme is intrinsically linked to the strength of its public realm?

Also in this issue: finding your niche in the fast-developing world of infrastructure; connecting the past with the future through the use of BIM in the renovation of historic buildings; and how the increasing popularity of commuting via bicycle is influencing commercial property and urban planning.

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