The people issue

Oliver Parsons

Editor of Modus (RICS)

This month's Modus is all about you. What does the future hold for the surveyor? What type of job will you be doing and in what type of workplace?

Feb 2015 Modus

With all the talk about how technology is changing the way we work, it's often easy to forget that at the heart of any business are the people it employs. With that in mind, this edition of Modus seeks to rediscover the profession's human touch.

In our main feature, as RICS pushes into new territories and seeks to widen the pool of talent from which to draw the surveyors of the future, we ask what the next generation of the profession will look like and where it will come from. And as a useful companion piece to the main feature, we also ponder what the jobs of the future will look like in a world of advanced technology and environmental uncertainty.

Elsewhere in the issue, we look at human interaction on a macro scale in the form of collaborative, crowd-based solutions to managing building facilities, and on a micro level by profiling the inspirational RICS members who are mentoring their charges on the journey to chartership.

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