The private issue

Oliver Parsons

Editor of Modus (RICS)

In a world saturated with wall-to-wall news feeds, blanket social media coverage and increasing levels of public scrutiny, how do those who favour discretion conduct their business?

Our cover story this month peeks behind the closed doors of the private property sale. Who are the secretive buyers and sellers? Why would they rather we didn’t know what they’re up to? And who are the professionals helping them with their hush-hush house moves?

Also in this month’s edition

The perceived part-privatisation of the National Health Service is an emotive subject in the UK, but one thing that’s not in doubt is the cash-spinning potential of its real estate. We investigate how better management of its assets could help the NHS close a potential £30bn gap in its funding.

How much value might you assign to your private thoughts? Intellectual property (IP) is becoming an increasingly valuable commodity. Roughly 80% of the value of the world’s biggest companies can now be attributed to their IP.

How much is a trademark, or a patent, or even a supplier relationship worth? How that valuation is reached is becoming an increasingly important part of a valuer’s job.

We talk to Robin McLaren FRICS about his work on a project to bring security of tenure to parts of the world that have no formal systems of land registration – through the use of mobile phones, and we also meet three of the first wave of RICS’ new certified BIM Managers who are helping the industry take their expertise in the technology to the next level.

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