The Ruined Issue

Oliver Parsons

Editor of Modus (RICS)

As we become more and more used to seeing flooding events every year, climate scientists are starting to talk about a ‘new normal’ of frequent floods.

The ruined issue

In this month’s cover feature, we look at the challenges that growing flood risks pose to the surveying profession, how surveyors should assess flood risk and what advice they can offer homeowners and lenders.

Also in this edition

  • How do you handle a major archaeological find when you’re in the thick of a major building project? We look at best practice from across the world, including London’s massive Crossrail project.
  • We look at the problem of inconsistent cost measurement and reporting across the world, the possible role of International Construction Measurement Standards.
  • And, in our lead column, Stephen Hill MRICS, director of C20 Futureplanners, argues that ethical behavior on the part of surveyors is not only in the public interest, but is in fact fundamental to a healthy and productive economy.

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  1. I have just read the 'Obituaries' in the last two issues and, as I am now over 50, was shocked at the number of notices of those who had not reached statutory retirement age before death. The average age was approximately 74 (November) and 76 (October). I wonder what analysis RICS/Lionheart undertakes of the industry mortality rate and how this might compare to other professional sectors and the population at large?

    Stephen George Stephen George, 3 November 2016 3 at 16:53PM

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