Property Journal July-August 2016

Claudia Conway

Editor, Property Journal Commercial section (RICS)

This issue looks at our housing policy, as well as the benefits of cloud computing and online customer reviews. There are legal updates on mixed-use developments, the mental health needs of occupiers and visitors and NEC3 contracts. We continue our series on damp, offer a case study of a Passivhaus building and consider the widespread problem of forged and looted art.

Property Journal July-August 2016

We also present some great advice about understanding what cloud computing can do for your business and making the best of online reviews. Did you know that a bad review can actually help to secure customers? Find out why in this issue.

There are also legal updates, with a cautionary tale for landlords of mixed-use developments thinking of selling with tenants in situ, a fascinating examination of responsibilities relating to the mental health needs of occupiers and visitors, and guidance on how facilities managers can tailor NEC3 contracts to their needs.

We continue Michael Parrett’s popular series on damp, providing further practical support for those defects that many members are dealing with every day, and also offer a great case study of a Passivhaus building for those with an interest in sustainability – which we hope is all our readers!

The Personal Property Journal meanwhile looks at the widespread problem of forged and looted art. With some estimates suggesting that almost half of the items in the market are forgeries, how can dealers and buyers assure themselves of provenance? An essential article for anyone in this field.

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