Property Journal July–August 2017

Claudia Conway

Editor, Property Journal Commercial section (RICS)

The last few months have epitomised that the only constant is change – and this issue has a lot to say on the topic.


From a top-down campaign to improve female representation in the sector through the maintenance needs of newer buildings to new approaches on ownership, property never stands still.

On the other hand, can there sometimes be a need to maintain the status quo? We look at Special Policy Areas, a planning tool to stall the creep of identikit high streets and preserve areas with an historical identity or trade.

When it comes to investing, though, the key is managing change, and we are pleased to present a piece on how to balance risks and rewards in a volatile market.

Ethics remains at the core of RICS’ business, and important articles on bribery and conflicts of interest should be high on the agenda of every reader – do you know how well your business would withstand allegations of either?

The Residential section heads downstairs for the start of a series on damp in basements, and features a fascinating case study on bringing empty homes back into use in Salford.

We hope that you enjoy your summer, but don’t forget to book for RICS conferences and seminars after a well-deserved break. And we always welcome your feedback, so do please get in touch with myself or Jan Ambrose with your comments and ideas.

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