Property Journal March–April 2017

Claudia Conway

Editor, Property Journal Commercial section (RICS)

This issue brings together all kinds of everything concerning sustainability in the built environment, from the changing face of buildings in India to tips for improving energy usage in commercial property.


It is increasingly well-understood — except, perhaps, by some world leaders — that sustainability is not an issue that can take a back seat when times are difficult or uncertain, but is something that makes more sense than ever. It saves money, can make buildings better places in which to live and work and improves the environment. We are moving beyond ‘green bling’ to make meaningful enhancements that benefit landlords and occupiers; a fascinating look into ecosystem valuation and natural capital in this issue offers a picture of some of the new approaches to sustainability and the impact they could have for RICS professionals.

Another hot topic is Airbnb and its ilk, which have been big news for the past year — from frazzled neighbours to accusations that direct letting websites are hollowing out city centres — and the conversation is far from over. The first legal cases have begun to play out and, with some governments beginning to crack down on short lets, we present two articles on the subject.

Meanwhile, Mike Parrett concludes his popular series on damp defects with a look at some key legal decisions that surveyors need to take into account. Given the positive reception we have had for Mike’s articles, we are asking readers to send their questions about building defects for him to answer in a new series:

Send us what you'd like to see answered

Finally, if you haven’t already, make sure you check our events pages and book one of the many seminars and conferences that are available to members, and claim your CPD hours. Don’t forget that there are often early-bird discounts.

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