Property Journal November 2016

Claudia Conway

Editor, Property Journal Commercial section (RICS)

In uncertain times, working together and aligning values matters more than ever.


So international standards take centre stage this issue, with news from the top about IPMS Residential Buildings and the International Ethics Standards. International harmonisation is vital for built environment professionals in our heavily interconnected world, providing assurance wherever you are, however big or small your business. Indeed, our next issue also promises exciting international news on RICS’ new collaboration with the International Facility Management Association, a game-changer for all those in the sector.

In this edition, we also look at how small businesses can get the most from their websites – follow Peter Haggett’s advice to make sure that yours reflects the information and values you want to get out there.

Exploring a newer and more radical technology, we consider blockchains, which have the capacity to speed up transactions and, it is claimed, keep them more secure. Too good to be true? Read Ragnar Lifthrasir’s piece and draw your own conclusions.

RICS HomeBuyer Reports are changing as well – but don’t panic! Graham Ellis explains that there will be minimal impact on practice, and his summary will get you up to date with the essentials. There’s also great practical guidance in this issue on common problems encountered with drain surveys and treatment of older housing stock.

In our personal property section, Claire Grindey demystifies the role of the arts advisor while Ivan Macquisten looks at how online auctions are shaping up between new entrants and established houses. I have also just attended a fascinating Arts Business Conference, so look out for a report on that next issue with related topics to follow.

I look forward to meeting some of you at the Commercial Conference in London on 1 December and I’d be delighted to hear more feedback and ideas for the Property Journal; if you can’t be there, please email me.

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