Property Journal September-October 2016

Claudia Conway

Editor, Property Journal Commercial section (RICS)

There have been numerous fascinating property events this summer, offering plenty of opportunities for learning. A particularly noteworthy idea to emerge from these is that, soon, the data produced by buildings could be worth more than the bricks and mortar themselves. And data is in sharp focus in this issue of Property Journal, from getting the communication infrastructure right to crunching the numbers on workplace performance.


Better use of data from manifold channels is set to have a massive impact on property professionals. The technology itself, in the form of sensors, apps and mobile devices, is already widely available – the next stage of innovation will be in how the data is packaged, marketed and used. RICS members, even those who don’t think of themselves as techies, are in a great position to put their knowledge and experience to work for everyone’s benefit in this digital context.

Of course, innovation and technology are not one and the same: in the Commercial section of the journal, Thomas Mann looks at a pilot scheme to help foster new thinking in facilities management, whether digital or strategic. It will be interesting to see whether this approach takes off with other clients and service providers.

Damp and drains may not be glamorous subjects, but many RICS professionals deal with them day in, day out, and the Residential section of this issue provides useful advice on both areas. Another perennial topic for surveyors is professional indemnity insurance, and Emma Vigus investigates the possible consequences of lower premiums.

The Personal Property section meanwhile gives an essential, in-depth analysis of the effect of consumer protection laws on those selling arts and antiques – and there could be serious problems for those who don’t take care to respond to the changes.  Be sure to read this if your business could be affected.

Readers working in industrial property should turn to p.8 for an update on IPMS for Industrial Buildings and log on to offer views before 30 September – your input is essential to ensure these standards are the best they can be. Future journals will bring news for other sectors as standards are published or are opened for consultation.

Coming back to where I started with events, September begins a new season of learning, so don’t forget to gain your CPD points with flagship conferences such as the Commercial and Dilapidations conferences and a plethora of networking events and seminars around the country – visit our event pages for more details.

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